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Coors Light®:

Coors Light, the World’s most Refreshing Beer, is the fourth best-selling beer in the U.S. Introduced in 1978, Coors Light has been a favorite in delivering the ultimate in cold refreshment for more than 25 years. Coors Light unique frost-brewing process locks in a taste as cold as the Rockies. The simple, silver-toned can caught people’s attention and the brew was nicknamed the “Silver Bullet” as sales climbed. Recent Coors Light innovations include the Cold Activated bottle, Super Cold Draft, the vented Wide Mouth can with Frost Brew liner and a Cold Activated can. 4.2% alcohol by volume. 102 calories per 12-ounce serving.

Coors® Banquet (Original):

Coors was first introduced by Adolph Coors in April 1874. It’s nicknamed the Banquet Beer, Legend has it that in the late 1800s, thirsty miners threw celebratory banquets, with Coors as the honorary beer because of its superior craftsmanship. Prior to its nationwide distribution in 1981, Coors built a cult following, with presidents, movie stars, and consumers toting the beer back from Colorado or making special trips to buy the uniquely crisp and drinkable beer. Coors is brewed in the Rockies for a uniquely crisp, clean, and drinkable “Mile High Taste.” 5.0% alcohol by volume. 149 calories per 12-ounce serving.

Coors Extra Gold:

A limited distribution lager only available in select markets, Coors Extra Gold Lager is a distinctive brew with abundant flavor and a deep golden color. Extra Gold Lager starts with the slow aging of its roasted malts, which are then combined with its other premium ingredients and slow-brewed to produce this exceptional, refined lager.


Coors Non-Alcoholic:

The responsible choice in a premium nonalcoholic brew. Introduced in 1997. Available in bottles and cans. 65 calories per 12-ounce serving and less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Keystone Light:

Keystone beer is a product of the Coors Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. It was first introduced in Chico, California in September 1989. Keystone can be found in can, keg, and occasionally bottled form. Keystone Light has a 4.13%; a concentration less than standard American lagers, and roughly equal to other macro "light" brews.
The "Light" and "Ice" versions of the beer are far more prevalent and readily available for retail across the United States. Though Keystone Premium exists, it appears much less than its "Light" variety on liquor store shelves. "Dry" and "Amber Light" varieties were discontinued in the late 90s.

Blue MoonTM:

Blue Moon Brewing Company was born back in ’95 in Denver, Colorado. Our home is the Blue Moon Brewing Company at The SandLot Brewery®—the first brewery ever built in a baseball stadium. The taps started flowing for the opening pitch of the ’95 season. And during that game, SandLot poured a new brew called Bellyslide Belgian Wit.

The beer was wildly popular on opening day. And it brought home lots of awards from beer festivals around the world. We decided to offer it to the country, but it needed a name that was bigger than baseball. As luck would have it, the beer’s name came from a pretty random source. At an informal tasting, an executive assistant exclaimed, “Something this good only comes around once in a blue moon!” With that casual comment, Bellyslide became Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-style wheat ale, and we became Blue Moon Brewing Company.

At Blue Moon® Brewing Company, everything we do flows from our artistic approach to brewing. We craft our beers with flavorful ingredients and wheat for an inviting taste and a smooth finish that are perfect for enjoying the moment with friends.

Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-style wheat ale was the first beer we ever made at The SandLot Brewery® in Denver, Colorado, and it continues to be our ...most popular beer. It’s an unfiltered wheat ale, brewed with orange peel and coriander and garnished with an orange slice for an enticing taste and a creamy, smooth finish.

For our Seasonal Collection, we draw inspiration from the uniqueness of the seasons to create delicious beers with flavorful twists—orange and lemon peel, clover honey, flavors of vine-ripened pumpkin, and Belgian sugar. Each brew is an Artfully Crafted® celebration of the season, perfectly captured in a bottle.

Killian's® Irish RedTM:

George Killian's Irish Red is a beer with an Irish heritage, based on a recipe created at Lett's Brewery in Enniscorthy, Ireland, in 1864. The beer is named after George Killian Lett, the great-grandson of George Henry Lett, who founded the brewery in Enniscorthy. George Killian Lett died at the age of 84 in Enniscorthy, Ireland in December of 2010.

It was originally an Irish red ale called "Enniscorthy Ruby Ale," and brewed from 1864 to 1956, when the brewery closed and it was discontinued. It is no longer sold in Ireland. The brand name "George Killian" was purchased by the Pelforth Brewery in France. In the mid 1980's Coors bought the rights to use the brand name "Killian's Irish Red" in America. While the name is most often associated with a 4.9% abv amber lager which had become very popular, it was originally marketed by Coors as an ale.